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Casino games have an in-built mathematical house edge

One of the unfortunate realities of casino gambling, is that every game that is offered by casinos has a mathematical house edge.  Blackjack, for example, has a house edge of around 1% of played optimally.  What this means is that for every $100 that you wager playing blackjack, the mathematically probable outcome is that you will lose $1 to the house.  Of course in practice, there will always be deviations from the mathematically probable outcome (big player win, big house win, etc), especially in the shot term, but the fact remains that it is more likely than not that in the long term, the house will prevail.


BeTheDealer...a novel solution to every player's dilemma

There are now a few casinos that offer players that chance to sit in the dealer's shoes, but the first, and probably still the best is BeTheDealerBeTheDealer  allows players to assume the position of the dealer/house in real money casino environment.  Players are given the options of either playing the traditional role of Player as in any other casino, or to play as the Dealer and receive some of the favorable odds reserved solely for the casino.

The concept is a great one which continues to be very popular, and earned BeTheDealer the 'Best Casino Concept Award 2002' from Gambling Online Magazine.


A few other pieces of information you may like to know about the casino...


Deposit by: VISA, Mastercard, DinersClub, NeTeller, FirePay, Citadel, 900Pay

Licensed in: Curacau

Games offered: Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker, Baccarat, War, Paigow Poker, Caribbean Poker

Software: BeTheDealer Casino's unique software is proprietary, and was developed by Casino Village On Net NV's R&D group. Designed by a leading team of software engineers and designers, BeTheDealer Casino is the first Peer-to-Peer (P2P) casino in the world, allowing players to play against each other, one as Player and the other as Dealer.


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