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Net Casino Bonuses Just Keep On Rising

17 April, 2009,  Rita Malhotra, Staff writer

Back in the old days of internet casino gambling...circa 1999 through 2004, bonuses in region of $20 to $100 were the norm.  Anything above $100 was the exception rather than the rule and caused a stir amongst the bonus hunters out there.

Today, it would be very hard to find an online casino offering less than $100 in free money to new players.  And anything less than $500 seems to be very ordinary indeed.

Bonus amounts have skyrocketed in the last couple of years particularly.  Whether this has been die to a contracting market due to various prohibition moves by governments around the world, or increased competition from competing offerings like poker and sports betting coming of age can not be known for sure.  But the undeniable truth is that the amounts of money that casinos are currently offering new players to sign up is becoming ridiculous. 

A number of casinos are offering up to $5000 in free cash to new players and all casinos are having to raise the bar to stay in the game.  Only recently two of Fortune Lounge Groups better known casinos finally relented to pressure and changed their long standing sign up bonus offers from amounts in the low hundreds to over $1000.

Who knows where it will stop.  But surely at some point soon casinos will be getting to the point where the cost of these enormous bonuses are seriously impacting their bottom lines and tipping some over the edge into oblivion? 

Players...get it while its still available.



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