Caribbean Stud Poker strategy...play another game if you want to win $$

As we noted on our Caribbean Poker rules page, this is not a great returning game, with a house edge of just over 5% even if played optimally.  So if you are looking to win big online, or at your local casino, this perhaps isn't your best game choice.  But still, it is lots of fun, and to play it optimally is really easy.

Optimal strategy for Caribbean Stud is pretty simple, and its this:

  • Raise on A-K-J-8-3 or better (the "beacon hand")

  • Fold otherwise. 

While this won't make you a long-term winner, it will help slow your losses. It's the paying hands, a pair or better, that will net you the good wins. Trouble is that the dealer must qualify (A-K) in order for you to get the real payoffs and this only 54% of the time.  This means that 46% of the time you'll only get paid for your Ante bet at 1-1 no matter how good your cards are.

Good luck!


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