Problem casinos...

There are bad seeds in any industry and online gambling is certainly no exception.  The trick is to make sure that you give the problem casinos a wide birth.  Fortunately the internet is an extremely transparent medium and bad news travels really fast so casinos using unscrupulous operating practices very quickly get identified and flagged by player advocate sites and forums and don't last too long.  It is probably fair to say that when the online gambling industry was in its infancy, separating the good from the bad was a difficult task with so many new casinos popping up every week. 

These days, so many good casinos have now established themselves as having impeccable operating histories and serving the industry without incident for over 10 years in some cases.  There is little room for dodgy operators but as in any industry they are out there.

If you do have a bad experience with an online casino, poker room or sportsbook, we'd be happy to try an assist with your issue if we can.  Just email us at info@4online-gambling.com.


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