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Apple iPhone Card Counting Application has Casinos in a Spin

31 March, 2009,  Rita Malhotra, Staff writer


Isn't technology jus a wonderful thing.  Each clever new invention makes our lives so much easier.  Well, in the case of Apple iPhone's new card counting application many land base casinos will probably disagree.

Apple's latest iPhone comes with a nifty little feature that helps you count cards while playing blackjack.  Instead of having to run the +1, 0, -1 count in your head, you just select a button each deal and the iPhone runs the count for you.  One of the most difficult things do as a card counter is deal with all of the distractions of a casino environment...drinks waiters, player banter, all manner of noises and weird goings on, and not lose your count.

Now thanks to Apple, that's no longer a problem.  The iPhone doesn't forget where its at.  But land based casino operators are not happy and many have banned the application.  Some have even threatened to press charges on those trying to flout the ban and sneak their iPhones in.

The good news of course, is that if you can't play blackjack in Vegas of Atlantic City with your iPhone, you can certainly use it to play online - a virtual dealer doesn't know you're cheating.  In fact, online has always been the perfect environment to count.  The deal is as slow as you like it to be, and you can sit there with your basic strategy card to play to the count.

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