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Harrah's Gunning for Internet Gambling License

12 April, 2009,  Rita Malhotra, Staff writer


The rumor mill continues to churn as to when, how, and for whom internet gambling in the United States will be legalized. 

There are now so many indicators that the UIGEA will be repealed and replaced by some type of regulatory framework, that large terrestrial casinos are now organizing their corporate structure so that they are ready to launch online.

One such operator is Harrah's, who recently registered a new subsidiary company and hired former Party Gaming CEO Mitch Garber as its head.  Clearly Harrah's are also of the belief that all the signs are now pointing to a US Government turnaround on the approach to online gambling.

There is also a belief that if UIGEA is, as most expect, repealed soon and replaced with a regulatory framework, that the government will give special consideration to the struggling US terrestrial casino operators when deciding on who gets licenses.  And Harrah's it seems want to be right near the front of the queu.

But they will certainly not be the first Las Vegas based casino to have an interest in launching an online casinos.  Vegas operators have long had their eye on the internet prize but to date have only be held back by legal and licensing considerations.  In the meantime, they have watched operators offshore share in global online gaming revenues estimated to be around $9 billion without getting a piece of the action.

This may all change soon.



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