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Mobile Gambling...Here It Comes

28 March, 2009,  Peter Bowman, Staff writer


Mobile casino gambling is not a new thing.  The first mobile casinos started operating in 2007  and large casino software developers like Microgaming and Playtech started offering  mobile casino games to licensee casinos like Ladbrokes and Platinum Play soon after.  Well known proprietary operators like Bodog have also entered the fray and provided players with mobile casino games and the list of participating casinos will no doubt grow.

So why all the excitement now?  Well I guess like any new technology, for real consumer traction to occur, a number of ducks need to line up to make it viable.  In the case of mobile gaming, one of the crucial 'ducks' has been the quality of mobile handsets.

Honky new phones...

While the game software has been available for download for some time now, the type of handset that makes it an attractive consumer option is only now starting to become the norm.  Most handsets sold in the last couple of years will allow you to play blackjack online - they just needs to be WAP enabled.  But it is the more recent phones with large screens, great resolution and powerful processing speeds that make mobile games fly.  Almost all phones on the market tick all these boxes.

The next gaming wave?

Massive amounts of money have been invested in this new gaming medium and it is tipped to become the new holy grail of casino gambling after the PC's decade or so of dominance.  Phone and PDA handset technology is taking quantum leaps to the point where many new products are practically minicomputers.  The iPhone is the obvious example, but most manufacturers have comparable offerings in terms of screen size and processing speed.  And although not improving at the same rate as processing power, battery developments, particularly in the area of lithium technology are may give handsets the ability to operate for longer periods despite additional processing requirements.

At present, online casinos offer single, lite software game versions and limited game range. Typically Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, and a hand full of slots.  It would not be unreasonable to assume that it won't be long before handsets and mobile networks tolerate games with all the bells and whistles of current PC games and players will be playing from anywhere, anytime.

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