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Sports Betting's Latest Line...Will Lindsay Lohan do Porn?

5 April, 2009,  Milton Shaw, Staff writer


Most large online sport betting sites offer 'exotic' bet lines.  That is, the opportunity for punters to bet on the outcome of non sporting events such as who will win an election or a best actor Oscar etc.  The latest exotic line being offered by a number of large online sportsbooks, and a line that is attracting significant betting activity is whether or not Lindsay Lohan will resort do porn. 

And it seems the smart money puts Linday's chances of starring in a stick flick at a around 3 to 1.

So what has prompted this latest bet line and the reasonably short odds attached to it?  Well, a number of factors really.

First there is the widely reported fact that Lohan, despite still living a lavish lifestyle, is broke.  And work opportunities in the conventional Hollywood movie world have dried up for Lindsay because of her train wreck party antics and unprofessional work reputation leading most producers refusing to employ her. 

But the clincher is that Lohan was recently seen driving around Hollywood in a Maserati owned by well known porn producer Dennis DeSantis, creator of cinematic classics like "Butt Sluts" and the "Chicks who Dig Chicks" series which sporned more sequels than the Star Wars saga. 

One celebrity gossip website has even speculated as to how the movie will be angled and released.  It is claimed a 'amateur' style sex tape will be shot and released under the guise of a personal home video stolen from Lindsay and released unlawfully - ala Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian.  Lindsay's pay check will then come in the form of a legal settlement.  Thus she can avoid the stigma of being a fully fledged porn actress, leaving the door open for a return to conventional acting.

Other sites claim that the smoke and mirrors approach is hardly necessary, given esteemed director Steven Soderbergh's recent signing of Sasha Grey, star of over 100 hard core porn films, for a role in his latest movie.  If Lindsay can manage to pump her way through a hundred of so porn flicks Hollywood may one day beckon once again for her.

Anyway, sportsbooks have joined the dots on all the rumors and facts and concluded that there is a very real chance that a Porno starring Lindsay is a very real possibility in the not too distant future and you can own a piece of this action at around 3 to 1.



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