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Net Betting Firms Jump the Gun on Advertising in France.

3 May, 2009,  Milton Shaw, Staff writer

In March this year the French Government announced its intentions to introduce a new regulatory and licensing regime for online gambling, throwing its market open to offshore operators.  But the new law won't come into effect until early 2010.

But this hasn't stopped a number of eager operators jumping the gun and advertising on French mainstream media in anticipation the new regulations. 

BetClic started the stir when they launched a big budget campaign with radio station Europe 1 and earned the ire of French Budget Minister Eric Woerth who is the man in charge of the introduction of the new laws.

Woerth was quick to express his strong disapproval at any organization embarking of pre-emptive advertising in the absence of yet to be issued online gambling licenses.  Woerth has cautioned BetCLic and others to cease and desist immediately.  He was quoted in Le Figaro saying, "the current law is very clear and it needs to be applied. Those websites do not yet have the right to operate in France and the ban also applies to any advertising that they may wish to do"

In response to Woerth's comments, BetClic announced they would suspend their campaign, provided others in the same boat did the same.  Other operators were quick to follow suite, not wanting to jeopardize chances being considered for licenses when they become available in 2010.  This  included local operator Française des Jeux who said they would pull campaigns advertising online betting products from May 1.


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