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Mega Moolah Continues its March

22 April, 2009,  Milton Shaw, Staff writer

Mega Moolah, Microgaming's marquee progressive slot game has sailed past $ 6 million and is moving toward 6.2 million.

The value of this jackpot is of particular interest to the online casino industry, not only because it is a massive sum of money for any individual to win, but because when it does go off, it will be a new record internet jackpot payout. 

The previous record is held by Klaus E from Finland won $5,556,753.68 playing Mega-Moolah at Blackjack Ballroom  on 22 April 2008, which will easily be eclipsed when it goes off this time.

Mega Moolah is a 5 reel, video slot game with multiple paylines, bonus games and free spins.  It was launched by Microgaming in November 2006 and added to the game suite of its licensee casinos shortly thereafter.  It is a progressive game, meaning the game is linked across all casinos offering the game and a portion of all game handle goes into a combined jackpot pool.  The jackpot starts the count at $ 1 million and rises quickly from there.

When this enormous jackpot goes off it is sure to create a wave of interest that flow well beyond the bounds of the internet gambling news arena and into the mainstream.

As Microgaming has currently withdrawn from the American market following the enactment of UIGEA, US players are unable to play Mega Moolah.


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