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Juniper say Mobile Gambling to Grow 2000%

29 April, 2009,  Rita Malhotra, Staff writer

According to a recent report by internet research company Juniper Research, mobile phone gambling is set for a big rise.

Touted as the next big thing when it hit the market in late 2006, mobile phone casinos have been slow out of the blocks and fallen short of expectations.  Slow take-up has been blamed on a number of factors including phones that until recently didn't support the casino games offered that well.

Small, low resolution screen size and low processing speeds have made casino gaming on many phones a less than spectacular gaming experience.

And then of course there's the world credit crunch that is putting a hole in many new market initiatives launched in the last couple of years.

But according to Juniper Research this is all soon to change.  With large size, high resolution screens and faster processing power, the average phone on the market today easily supports casino games on offer and make playing an entertaining experience (losing money aside of course).

In fact, according to Juniper, revenue from mobile phone gaming (Casino and sports betting) will grow from $1.3 billion in 2007 to $26.3 billion in 2012, or a whopping 2000% in just 5 years.   And casinos seem to be equally optimistic with a number of the large gambling houses persisting with their mobile offerings.  Online casino heavy weights like Ladbrokes, Bodog and 32 Red have both launched mobile casino games and believe it to be a future money spinner.

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