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Switzerland looking at Online Gambling Regulations

23 April, 2009,  Milton Shaw, Staff writer

The land of banks, watches and white powder slopes is the latest country to announce intentions to go down online gambling regulation road.

A report in Swissinfo this week revealed that the Swiss Justice Ministry had been directed by the government to draft a proposal for new legislation with the purpose of offering licenses to a small number of operators which will then be strictly regulated and taxed by the government.

The clear aim of the legislation is try to restrict the ability of foreign online gambling companies from offering their services to Swiss residents, as well as raising additional tax revenues from licensed operators.  It is estimated that an additional $22 million annually could flow into Swiss Government coffers if the proposed laws take effect.

However, the Swiss Government, might find themselves coming under the scrutiny of the European Commission for non-compliance with the 'four freedoms' set out in the European Communities Treaty.  Currently both France and Germany have been brought to task by the European Commission for their anti online gambling legislation.  France has since announced plans to introduce a new regulatory regime in early 2010.

The 'four freedoms' set out in the European Communities Treaty require Member States not to enter into restrictive practices regarding services provided by other Member States companies in order to protect locally licensed providers of those same services.


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