Online Craps part 2: basic terms defined...


Okay, you now know what a shooter is, and how one both becomes and ceases to be a shooter via the seven-out. You are familiar with the coming out roll, the instant winners (7 and 11), the craps numbers (2, 3, and 12), and the significance of point numbers (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10). You also understand how a session alternates between on and off states depending upon whether a point is established. Great, however, what is all this business about a pass line bets? Fret not a moment longer, for in this discussion of online craps we present the elements which constitute the basics of successful betting in any game of online craps.


Playing craps online or anywhere else means you must become acquainted with the pass line bet. With one of the lowest house edges in almost any online casino, should you venture into the world of craps the pass line bet is bound to become your best gambling partner. It is the most basic and most successful of bets in online craps. As such, you will be making this bet often.


When you first click your way to the online craps table you may have to wait a minute or two to make your first bet depending how long it takes for the shooter to win or seven out. A new session will then begin and people will begin to make new pass line bets. To make yours simply put your chips on the portion of the felt labeled ‘pass line’. How easy was that?


With your pass line bet in place you now have a stake in the shooter’s roll. Remember, on the coming out roll you want them to shake a 7 or an 11. Short of that, however, a point number will suffice to keep both the shooter and your pass line bet in play. A 2, 3, or 12 will sadly cause your bet to lose along with all the other pass line bets. Note that if the shooter throws a point you have the choice at most online casinos to take your pass line bet out of play before every following roll.


This ‘take down’ option can be used to pull out of a pass line bet when the shooter throws something like a point 4 (the odds of hitting a 4 before a 7 are not so good). Given that no actual dice or hands exist in online craps the take down rules may vary from one online casino to the next. As always, be sure to reference the house rules before playing any game at an unfamiliar online casino.


The cool thing about online craps is that it is a game of many layers. While the pass line bet is the most utilized and easiest to understand wager in online craps, there are in fact many others all with different odds and intricacy. All but the most basic of these bets, however, tend to be the domain of more experienced players, and tend to have a higher house edge than the pass line or other basic bets.


Though the pass line bet may become a little drab, be sure to allow yourself time to learn the basics before venturing off to more difficult terrain. Before diving wallet first into the more advanced realms of online craps, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with not just the process but the mechanics of the game. Odds and probabilities –statistics– cannot be escaped. Of the possible die combinations, what are the odds of particular numbers coming up?



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