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Whenever you are playing online craps check to see if free odds are one of your online casino’s betting options. Free odds are in fact the best bet in the entire online casino. However, they can be a tad bit confusing to understand. As such, they are best discussed here where they can be given the singular attention they are due.


Hopefully you have not forgotten that an online casino does not pay out true odds on wagers in craps or almost any other game. If the true odds of a certain bet are, say, 8 to 1 the casino will probably pay out at 7 or even 6 to one. In other words, all things being equal, the casino ought to be paying you $8 for every $1 wagered on the 8 to 1 bet. Of course, like all businesses, the casino must turn over a profit and so they keep $1 or $2 of that $8 in their coffers. Sure, this is great in the sense that it keeps the online casinos up and running, however that selfish gene in all of us cannot help but wish the true odds applied to us regardless.


Guess what? Free odds are there in online craps to satisfy that selfish gene. Free odds is a bet remarkable for paying out at true odds. When you bet free odds there is no house edge –the wager is an even, i.e. ‘fair game’. In fact, for many it is the free odds option that keeps them coming back time and again to online craps. However, before we all get too excited, let it be said there is (isn’t there always?) a catch. A free odds bet can only ever be placed on top of another bet. So, while the free odds bet pays out at true odds and has no house edge, it must come on the back of another bet which does not pay true odds and has a very real house edge. The following bets all allow you to make an extra free odds bet: pass line, don’t pass, come, and don’t come.


Here is how it works. Say you have made a pass line bet and that you wish to make a free odds bet on top of it. First you must wait for the shooter to establish the point. If you have played a few sessions of craps or online craps you may have noticed people placing chips on the table behind their pass line bets once the point is declared. These are free odds bets, and to make one simply follow suit.


When making a free odds bet it is best to place more money on the free odds than you have on the pass line (or whatever other bet you are taking free odds on). Remember, these bets are not opposing, but complimentary, so that they win at the same time. However, since the free odds bet is the only one which pays true odds this is where you want most of your money to be. The best strategy, then, is to place only the table minimum on the pass line followed by a larger quantity as free odds.


Given that online casinos do not like to pay true odds on anything, most impose a maximum amount one can play on free odds. This amount will vary from one online casino to the next so be sure to check. Generally this limit is expressed as a multiple. If you see something like ‘odds 4x’ written somewhere with respect to craps this means the amount a player places on free odds cannot exceed four times the amount placed on the original bet.



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