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Hopefully you have at least had a chance to look at and/or apply some of the information on the basics of online craps, the odds of various outcomes, the best bets (in terms of the house edge), and the distinction between pay out, true odds, and free odds. If any of this escapes you, then read no further. This article goes one step beyond the basics to cover the other bets one can make in an online craps session, and will therefore be less helpful to those brand new to the game. These advanced bets are best left out of a regular playing method, but they can be a fun diversion every now and then when your regular strategy becomes a little dull, or when you have hit it big and feel like risking some pure winnings.


If up to now you have only familiarized yourself with the basic bets of online craps, you have probably noticed the box on the table situated between the box for ‘come’ and ‘don’t pass’ bets. The box contains the word ‘field’ and displays the numbers 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, and 12. This is where you click or otherwise place your chips to make a ‘field bet’.


Unlike the other bets discussed so far, the field bet can be made on any roll and always gives its result at the end of that roll. In other words, it is a one time bet on the next roll and that roll only. All in all, the field bet is not at all a ‘bad’ bet. If the shooter throws any of the numbers listed in the field box then all bets in the field are winners, and, depending on the online casino, probably pays out at 1 to1 (2 to 1 for dice outcomes of 2, and sometimes 3 to 1 for 12 –again check the house rules of each casino individually). The house edge on field bets tends to run around 5.5%.


The term ‘proposition bet’ actually covers a rather large group of one roll bets. These bets are played using those boxes and letters near the middle of the online craps table. The content of most proposition bets is pretty easy to deduce. For example, It does not take a great deal of imagination to figure out that an ‘any seven’ proposition bet is a one time bet that the shooter will hit a seven on the next roll. The house edge on this is a whopping 16.67%! Avoid this bet, always. In fact, proposition bets all have a really lousy house edge, and are really there for an occasional adrenaline rush. Some people like to place propositions while waiting for a pass line or come bet to play out. However, there are better bets with which to kill time, such as a place 6 or place 8. If you are really keen on exploring the various types of proposition bets, there should be any number of glossaries available online, or even at the online casino where you play as there are too many to cover here.


Another bet best left alone is the ‘lay bet’. The lay bet can be made at any time and, like the ‘don’t pass’ or ‘don’t come’ bets, the lay bet plays against the dice. A lay bet is made on any of the point numbers, and wins so long as a seven is rolled before the number you selected.  Since hitting a seven is statistically the easiest thing to do with a set of six sided dice an online casino will usually pay these bets out at 1 to 2, 2 to 3, or 5 to 6 depending on the number you choose. In other words, you have to bet more than you could win. Ouch!



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