The Strategic Benefits of Video Poker


Here is something really fun to do. Log in to your favorite online casino and ‘sit down’ at one of the (probably) hundred or so games of video poker they are bound to have. Some of you out there reading this may be thinking ‘why in the world would I want to play poker on a machine? Where is the challenge in the chance? Is not poker in that instance scant different from playing the online slots?’


This is not an entirely fair evaluation, although there is an element of truth to it. True, video poker does not pit you against the minds and skills of however many other table opponents, but it is not nearly as passive as the slot machine metaphor might suggest. Sure, when it comes to online gambling video poker and slot machines are particularly dependent on the random number generator for a game’s outcome –at least compared to Hold’em where strategic thinking plays a major role.


However, and first of all, online video poker is more interactive (and strategic) than online slots. Second, although video poker may not provide the same type of challenge inasmuch as the ‘opponent’s’ psychology is not a factor with machines, poker strategy sans psychology still very much plays a role. In most versions of video poker the strength of your hand is measured against itself. You do not need to worry about the machine bluffing, slowbetting, or re-raising at the river (unless you are playing a ‘real’ Hold’em poker simulation). In other words, with online video poker you always see what you get and can focus specifically on the cards without implied odds getting in the way.


Online video poker may not be the game for you all of the time, but if you are a serious online poker player, it might improve your over all success to make video poker your game some of the time. How so? If you have been reading up and practicing online poker strategy you know how much work it really is. Some rounders out there might be able to maintain that level of motivation every hand of every session, but the majority of us are not poker gods. We are mere mortals, and mortals sometimes need a break.      


You do not need ‘flops viewed’ statistics to tell you when you are in a passive mood –when you are having one of those sessions where scribbling the notes is too tedious, and trying to determine whether that eccentric player, Peasant Flush, is loose-aggressive or aggressive-tight is just too much of a chore. The notes become illegible scribbles, and it no longer matters what type of player Peasant Flush is. Your game just gets sloppier by the hand. Enter online video poker, where notes need not be taken and you don’t need to figure out what the machine’s action ‘means’.


Video poker online can also help ameliorate bad poker habits. If you are the type of player who wants to jump right away into the action; tends to play loose up-front for a few hands until self-discipline finally takes over, video poker might be an excellent way to ‘clear your poker throat’. A few rounds of video poker before sitting down at the table can ‘get you into the action’ for a few low stakes hands before heading over to the tables where patience is, for winners at least, the rule.


If, when logging on to the online casino, you are already time pressed, feeling passive, or feel the need to warm up, click on over to the online casino’s selection of video poker and try a few out. With probably dozens upon dozens from which to choose you are bound to find one that intrigues.



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