Online Craps Part 7 – Ignore strategy, but not your betting bank...


Rounding off this rather extended discussion of online craps is a brief exposition of online craps strategy. Indeed, what would online gambling be without strategy? Well, that probably depends upon the game in question. Games like Hold’em or black jack are indeed replete with tips and tactics and definitely involve a great deal of strategy to play successfully. Games like craps or roulette, on the other hand, really only come down to luck. People claiming to have developed systems for these games are most certainly having you (and perhaps themselves) on. Under no circumstances should you give these systems your time. They will not help you.


Like online roulette, success in online craps tends to occur more over many modest sessions and less in one big night. Successful craps really has more to do with controlling and protecting your betting bank than anything else. In practice this means, first, a lot of pass line bets, and second, a relatively responsible means for staving off possible boredom as you wait for pass line bets to win or lose. Remember that pass line bets will sit there for as long as it takes for the shooter to either win or seven out. This can translate into a few minutes of doing nothing but just sitting idle at your computer, which can in turn translate into any number of pricy, though instantly gratifying (though usually not in the monetary sense), proposition bets. If you are in the middle of an online craps session and you feel this sort of boredom with the pass line bet set in, your best bet is to mix things up a bit with other bets with a low house edge, like the come bet, for example, which you can also piggy back with free odds. 


When playing craps online it is important to maintain some realistic goals. Do not log in at the online casino and expect to leave the craps table up 100% or more. Sure, it can happen, however most experienced craps players know that even a winnings rate of 20% is phenomenal. True, you want to walk away with winnings and a lot of them, but sometimes the urge to reach loft goals leaves us at a loss.  


It is generally considered good practice to lose no more than half of your total betting bank. If your betting bank is $200 and you lose $100 over the course of an afternoon at online craps you should navigate away. Furthermore, if at some point your find yourself up, try to pocket enough of it to tuck away your original $100 betting bank (or some figure close to it) and then play out your winnings. This way you at least leave the online craps session having lost nothing whatsoever. In any event, do not get caught in a cycle of making ever more extravagant bets in order to recoup all your losses at once. Winnings in online craps are, in most cases, by virtue of attrition. Take your time and let the small wins add up.


If and when you do find yourself playing online craps with pure winnings, take the opportunity to indulge ever so slightly in other bets. Place bets work particularly well. Make a place bet on either 6 or 8, and if it wins tell the dealer, or click the appropriate icon, to ‘press it’. Pressing the bet will take the winnings and reinvest them in another place bet. Sure, the chances of winning two place bets in a row are not fantastic, but you are already playing with pure winnings, and a place 6 or 8 is a much better spot to risk free many than, say, proposition bets.



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