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Today everyone wants to make their own online website, but few do it to make a profit off others. In the case of one man, he broke the law by taking a name similar to someone else’s official website, and used it to make his own personal profit.  In the cyber world this is called cyber-squatting.

The victim in this scenario was Foxwoods Resort Casino. When it was discovered that Raymond Redican Jr., 26, of Dracut was using a name similar to their site for profit, he was taken to court. There both sides battled their positions out in court.

Foxwoods battled to have the website turned over to them, but that will have to be an issue that the Appeals Court will have to rule on. Currently, there is no ruling on this matter. Then again things don’t look too good for Redican.

He not only is facing charges of cyber-squatting, but also unfair trade practices. After all, he registered the website as Foxwood. He did this all on purpose, so that through confusion, he could profit from his site, as well as the resort casino's actual official website.

The Foxwoods Resort Casino is owned by the Mashantucket Pequot Tribe in Connecticut. Their official website is similar to the phony one, with a one letter difference. The tribe eventually sued Redican to take down the fake website, and the case make summer news.

Foxwoods point of contention was that they hade trademarked their name well before, by several years, before Redican registered his website. In the 23-page ruling, U.S. District Court Judge Janet C. Hall, ruled against Redican threw out five of seven counts Foxwoods sought against the Dracut man. She instead ordered the man to relinquish the site to Foxwoods.

She made her decision based on the fact that Redican sold advertisements for profit from his site, which brought in real Foxwoods visitors. They came to the wrong website, and in turn could make money for Redican. However, this won’t be a clean turnover; the tribe will have to pay the man for his personal costs for acquiring and preserving the website.

Despite the fact this was a scam; Foxwoods may still have to pay a man, which ripped them off. At the moment the public will not know what these costs will be. In some way it sounds like Redican won, even if Foxwoods takes the website, not matter what they intend to do with it.

 The condition of this is that Redican must provided evidence of costs by Dec. 19, or the tribe will get the website for free. One can only hope the tribe does get the site for free. After all, could anyone trust Redican after what he did intentionally?

A spokesman for the tribe, Arthur Henick isn’t complaining. Foxwoods believe that the judge made a fair judgment.  Apparently, the judge ruled in this matter, as she found that the tribe did not have any actual damages due to the website. However, the tribe did prove their point that Redican wanted to benefit from confusion over the names.


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