Online Poker Table Tells Part 2: Blinds and Chat Blabber


While betting speed and tactics are the most indicative online poker tells, there are a few others well worth mentioning. Table talk, stack size, and where a new player chooses to sit in relation to the blind all say something about how that player probably plays the game.


Probably the second most common reason players turn off the chat function is the know-it-all. This well intentioned person feels compelled, for whatever reason, to show off or share whatever new poker knowledge they have gathered whether anybody wants to hear it or not. Annoying? Yes, most certainly, however it is a nuisance you can easily turn to your advantage. Think about it. The information this person is sharing is the same knowledge they are probably trying to apply to their game. Over the course of a single conversation this individual could well (and unwittingly) give you and anybody else paying enough attention a breakdown of their entire game.


Probably the number one reason most players disable the chat function are abusive losers. We all suffer bad beats. It is simply part of playing poker. However, and for whatever reason, these individuals just cannot seem to suck it up. Sore losers to the core, these folks first take their rage out on the other players by calling them names or ridiculing their playing style. Furthermore, these types will lose all sense of proportion and start betting in a manner that defies any description but insane. As soon as you see the name calling start, know that reason has left that player for the evening and that she or he should be pretty easy to relieve of their chips.


Curiously, at some low limit tables there are players who will simply state up front what they have in their pocket, especially if the pot is small. Oddly enough these people are not lying. However, like Gollum, when a preciously large pot is at stake these folks have no compunction whatsoever in turning face and using their reputation as ‘the player who honestly states their hand’ by lying about that very thing.


Finally, when it comes to the chat box of an online poker table, keep your eye on the players who just never shut-up. If a particularly chatty player all of a sudden clams up after the flop, chances are they just drew a killer that they don’t want to give away. Guess what? They just did!


In online Hold’em a player just sitting down at the table generally has the option to wait for the blind, or to match the blind and play right away. Which option a player chooses may say something about how they play in general. Those who match the blind immediately may well be an impatient online poker player; one who is less interested in ‘serious’ online poker and more concerned with having as much fun as fast as possible. Chances are this is a loose player.


The individual who chooses to wait for the blind to come around, however, warrants caution. This is probably a tight player who will only commit to playing fairly strong hands. She or he may even be a shark taking advantage of the waiting time to observe the way you and the others at the table conduct your game.


Identifying tells requires an undivided focus, and even a bit of note taking. Avoid multi-tasking or taking breaks from the table after you’ve folded a hand. Ideally you want to keep a record of what starting hands people play and how much they were willing to throw in on them. Eventually you may notice patterns and can at that point start cleaning up.



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