Titan Poker (the process)


The following is a list and brief explanation of the various Titan Poker software functions and options. The most important of which is singled out here right away, the “help” button at the bottom of the large window, which for now on is called the ‘lobby’. Lost? Use help to find rules and process descriptions.


Titan Poker login: this small window will appear every time you run the Poker Titan software unless you have ‘auto login’ checked. You will also have to enter your ‘Username’ and ‘Password’ every time unless you keep “Remember password’ checked.


“LOGIN” – login to Titan Poker

“CANCEL” – abort log in

“Forgot Password?” – just in case


Titan Poker Lobby:


Red Tabs


“Players” – allows you to search for other players based on at least a two letter search parameter. The table will display all players matching the search parameter, whether they are sitting, playing, or waiting for a table; and the room they are in or if they are in the lobby.


“Texas Hold’em” – Takes you to the Texas Hold’em table options: Limit, Pot Limit, No Limit, Turbo, Heads Up, and Play Money.


“Omaha” –Takes you to the Omaha Hold’em table options: Limit, Pot Limit, Turbo, Heads Up, and Play Money


“Omaha Hi’Lo” –Takes you to the Omaha Hi’Lo options: Limit, Pot Limit, Turbo, Heads Up, and Play Money.


“Stud” –Takes you to the stud poker options: 7 Card, and Play Money (all limit).


The tables for these four poker games will list all the rooms, stakes, number of players, average pot size, average flop rate, and hands per hour of every table that matches your game and style selection, as well as the number of players waiting to be seated.


“Tournaments” –Takes you to a set of sub-folders and tables listing all tournaments, with ‘Scheduled’, ‘Sit’n’Go’, and ‘Play Money’ are the three main types. Sit’n’Go tournaments are impromptu whereas scheduled tournaments are formal events for which one must register.


“Side Games” –Takes you to ‘other’ poker games or other gambling alternatives: Roulette, Poker Three, Gold Rally, Blackjack, Deuces Wild, Deuces Wild 4-line, Casino Hold’em, Caribbean Poker, and Craps.


Main Menu (mainly those grey ones at the bottom of the lobby)


“Current balance” –displays the amount of FUN $ and real money you have in your account. One need never deposit real money to enjoy the play money tables and games.


“Cashier” –deposit some cash or cash out some tokens.


“Contact us” –letter of thanks, complaint, technical support, or customer service question or concern? They have email, phone, website, and fax all listed.


“Promotions” –Takes you to the titanpoker.com promotions page for a current listing.


“Options” –Takes you to the ‘Options’ window where you can choose your avatar, adjust game, audio, and sidegame settings. Here you can turn off the chat bubbles or even turn off table chat altogether. Full screen mode is enabled here, and one can also choose to show or hide avatars.


“My account” – Allows you to change your geographic location, and/or reset your play money to full.


“Exit” –Logs you off Titan Poker and closes the software.


Information Window


Clicking on any table or tournament listed on the lobby’s main table will turn up information in the narrow information window to the right.


“Server time” – gives the exact date and time as far as the server which powers Titan Poker is concerned.


“Table Name” – Displays the name of the table currently selected in the lobby.


“Players” – lists the name, country, and chip count of all players seated at the table selected.


“Waiting” – lists the name of any players waiting to sit at the table selected.


“Join Table” –Takes you to the table window for the table selected in the lobby.


“Join waiting list” –puts you in line for a seat at the table you selected in the lobby.


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