Itís Not Craps itís Sic Bo


For many people, craps is the only dice game in a casino. When they see dice, they assume people are throwing craps and they move on. However, there is another dice game that is quickly gaining popularity because of its simplicity and variety. That game is Sic Bo.


Meaning two dice or pair of dice in Chinese, Sic Bo is a game of chance played with three dice. The Sic Bo table in a casino is generally very colorful and brightly lit. The appeal of it to many people is that it is extremely simple to learn and to play. At the same time, there are a number of bets you can place which gives the game variety.


When playing Sic Bo, the idea is to either pick the numbers, or a given combination of numbers, that will show up on the dice after the dealer shakes and rolls them. The various bets are shown on the table with pictures of dice face combinations. You can bet on single die numbers, pairs, three of a kind, or other combinations.


There are actually 7 best you can make in Sic Bo. One is to make a bet on any one of the dice sides, of which there are six. If the number you bet comes up on any of the dice, you are paid 1:1 on your bet. If two come up, you are paid 2:1, and if there come up you get paid at 3:1. The second bet you can make is on a combination of two numbers. If that combination comes up on any two of the dice, you get paid 5:1 on it. Third, you can bet on totals for the three dice. The bet pays anywhere from 6:1 to 50:1. Fourth, you can bet on a range of the three dice. A small bet would be a combination of the three coming in anywhere form 4 to 10. You can also bet big which means the dice must go between 11 and 17. At 150:1, you can bet on a specific three of a kind or any three of a kind at 24:1. Finally, you can bet on any pair coming up. That pays 8:1.


Strategically, the best bets in Sic Bo are usually on the big and small. Most places online and in a casino pay even money on those bets and the house only gets an edge of less than 3% on those bets. Online, there are some sites and software packages that offer good bets for a 2 number combination.


Sic Bo and all its betting variations can be found both in casinos and online betting sites. In a casino, look for it near the Asian games section since many casinos have such a section where games like Pai Gao are located. As for online gaming sites, the best place to play Sic Bo is www.microgaming.com because, according to wzardofodds.com, they offer the best odds for the player across the board. Another good one, though, is anyplace that uses boss media software sine it pays at 6 to 1 on 2 number combos, which is fantastic for players.


As you can see, Sic Bo is becoming popular for a reason. With 7 possible bets, easy to understand rules, and a lot of action, it is a game that will keep you interested. There are bets for all level of gambler available and unlike with blackjack and other table games, there is no real learning curve other than knowing how much house edge there is on certain bets. So once you understand the rules and the betting, you are ready to belly up to a table and enjoy the excitement of Sic Bo.


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