The House Rules


Believe it or not, the rules of casino gaming are nowhere close to universal. In fact, you will find vast differences in the rules and method of play in a number of games depending on where you play. Atlantic City, Las Vegas, and Europe all have their own little house rules for various games. Though the rule differences, in most cases, are usually subtle, they can often make quite a difference in the overall game.


Consider, first, the way Blackjack may vary from location to location. Generally, around the world there are some basics beyond the core of the game. Usually, it does not matter where you are when it comes to certain rules. Some of those include that split aces receive only one card, insurance is permitted, multi-deck games are both face up and dealt from a card shoe while single or double deck games are dealt and played face down by hand, and the dealer does not peek under tens. However, beyond that and the core rules of playing to 21 and card values, there are a number of differences.


If you are playing blackjack on the Vegas strip, there are some rules you can assume unless you are told or hear otherwise. For instance, the dealer will stand on a soft 17 and you can double on any first two cards you are dealt. Additionally, you may not double after splits but you can pair split up to 4 hands.


When you go to Atlantic City, though, there will be some differences. While in most casinos, the dealer will still stand on a soft 17, the player is usually allowed to double after splitting. This is a big difference since in Vegas, once you split the cards there is no doubling.


In Europe, the rules change slightly yet again. For instance, the splitting of fours, fives, or tens is illegal. Most players in the United States would say that of those, only fours should ever be split, but nonetheless it is a change that it is illegal. Also, they almost always play with two decks of cards that are shuffled after every hand. This makes counting nearly impossible.


When it comes to playing blackjack online, you can play whatever you like. For instance, www.Betholdem.com is a hot European black jack site. On the other hand, you can get a good Vegas game at www.casinio.com. Finally, at Casinorewards.com, Atlantic City style blackjack is offered. When playing online, the rules are usually well laid out. If, though, you do go into a casino, realize that you need to remember where you are and consider the rules of blackjack.


What about other games, though? Are they different wherever you go? The simple answer is yes, however; the differences are varied. A good example is roulette. In the US, a roulette wheel has 38 slots to it. There is a zero, a double zero, and then the numbers 1 through 36. Players make their bets on a number or some combination of numbers and the wheel is spun. The difference in Atlantic City, though, is that if the ball lands at 00 or 0 on an even money bet, the players only loses half of an even money bet. These are actually rules closely tied to the European Rules.


In European roulette, there is a rule called “en prison.” This means that if you make a bet of even money (black, red, even, odd, 1-18, or 19-36), and the ball goes to zero (there is no 00 in Europe), you either get half your bet back or it is imprisoned. If it is imprisoned; if the imprisoned bet wins on the next spin of the wheel, you get it back without any winnings. There are, then, as many as four rule variations if the imprisoned spin results in yet another zero.


As you can see, there are a number of house rules around the world for casino games. Though games are somewhat universal, Atlantic City, Las Vegas, and Europe certainly have their own twists. Just remember that the next time you get seated at a gaming table, don’t forget where you are.


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