Even if you Forget Everything Else About Online Poker…


Do not forget the following tips. Some people call them the ‘ten commandments’ of online poker. You can call them whatever you like.


  1. Discipline and Bankroll


The best and biggest favor you can do for yourself, no matter what kind of gambling it might be, is to stick to your bankroll. Know your limits. How much can you reasonably afford to gamble -$20, $100, $300? Never bet beyond your bankroll. When the session is a bad one avoid stretching your funds to try and win it all back. At some point chasing losses must give way to accepting them, and it is a lot easier to accept losing $100 than it is $300. At the poker table to go ‘tilt’ is to start seeking revenge and making careless and audacious plays. Sometimes is hard not to do; when things get emotional the best thing to do is leave the table.


  1. Focus or Play for Free


If life offline is high pressure the poker room may not be the best plays to blow off steam. Winning poker is a game of cool, clear head and concentration. And offline irritations can seriously affect one’s game. Furthermore, it is best not to go to the high stakes tables for those ‘quick breaks’. If you know you will only get to play a few hands or if you are going to play the game in the background while doing something else then stick low stakes or free table –that way you kill time and get practice without tossing money out the door. Playing winning poker takes time to grow familiar with opponents.


  1. Loose is a Loser


A player can be said to play either ‘loose’ or ‘tight’ depending upon how much money they are willing to throw into the pot on particular hands. A ‘super-tight’ player might only play the top ten starting hands. A ‘tight’ player might play the top twenty or so. The ‘loose’ player is statistically defined as someone who pays for the flop more than 40% of the time. Loose players will lose to tight players in the long run. In poker it pays to be a little up-tight.


  1. Position and Pocket


Look at the table flop percentages in most online Hold’em poker rooms, especially the low stakes games, and you will see some astronomical flop percentages, 50, 60, maybe even 90% and above. This means that almost all of the time everybody at the table was playing a losing hand at least to the flop. It was no wonder, in one poker room I saw, the chip leader had $1000 to the runner-up’s $500. According to poker champion Phil Hellmuth, Jr. it is best for beginners to only play the top 10 starting hands, and then to add other hands over time as you track your success with them. Regarding this process of trial and error, it is best to play only stronger hands in the earlier start positions. Gambling on weaker hands is best done from late positions since it gives you the opportunity to observe other people’s actions.


  1. Learn to Read


Poker is one part luck, one part, strategy, and one part numerology. As soon as the flop comes down you need to know how to read it, especially in the context of relatively fast-paced online games. The “nuts” refers to the best possible hand a player could have based upon the cards on the table. Always look for possible flushes or straights in the flop. Furthermore, study close how your opponents respond to the flop. Do they check, raise, etc.? Is this player acting like someone who has the ‘nuts’ or someone pretending they do?



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