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Community poker games are comprised of a particular number of cards dealt face down to each player, as well as a certain number of cards laid out in the center. There are betting rounds in between the flipping of the cards. Players put together their best five card hand by combining some or all of the cards dealt to them with some of the community cards that have been dealt to them in the center of the table.


The objective of community games is that these cards are “shared” among the players. Two players, for instance, can make use of the same community cards to complete their hands. Community poker games involve the community cards being laid out in a line, a cross, or a circle, with different variations.  The one thing that distinguishes one community poker game from the other is the shape in which the cards are laid out.


Let us discuss some of these variations:

  1. The Cross: This kind of community card poker game includes rows of cards that intersect at some point. The most popular in the “cross” community poker game is the Iron Cross, in which one card acts as a cross-point between rows of card. There is normally a condition attached to that particular card. It can be a wild card, or at times the player who is dealt the highest card of the same suit like the cross-point card wins half the pot. It is recommended for the dealer to flip the center card in the end. The game can get more exciting when the cross point card is the last one to be flipped.

  2. The Line: This format of community card games is more relevant in popular Hold’Em games and tournaments offering big money. In this, a line of cards are flipped either one at a time or a few at a time. These cards are flipped at the time the cards are dealt to a player to make the best five-card hand. One of the most popular community poker line games is Cincinnati. In this line game, three, or less than three, cards are dealt to every player and a line of 4 cards is flipped, one at a time in the center of the table. Players use these 7 cards to make their best five card hand. This is more of a game for amateurs than for game experts.

  3. The Circle: This format is not as common as the other two aforementioned types of community games. The circle involves a loop of cards flipped either one at a time or several at a time by the dealer. One of the popular community games in this category is the Merry Go Round, where the cards in the loop used by players lie next to each other. Four cards are dealt face-down to each player, followed by six community cards laid face-down in front of the dealer in the shape of a circle. The first of these community cards of the dealer's choice is flipped, followed by a betting round opened by the player to the dealer's left. Likewise, the second of these six community cards if flipped over, followed by another betting round. When the six community cards are flipped over, followed by a betting round after each one, the game is set to be over.  Every player combines the four cards dealt to them with any of the three cards in the circle which lie next to each other. That means if a player uses three cards from the circle of cards in concurrence with his hand, then those three cards must be laid adjacent to each other on the circle. Of these seven cards, the player makes his best five card hand.


The noteworthy feature of community poker games are the rounds of betting that follow the flipping of the cards. The High or Low feature of the community games is interesting to quite a lot of people. Like in Stud games, High/Low ensures that the pot is split into two at the end of the game where half of it goes to the player with the best hand and the other half goes to the player with the worse hand. That means you have two winners by the end of the game. The Roll 'Em is another interesting feature of community poker games. This aspect makes for betting for a bigger pot. After all the community cards are revealed, the players roll their cards, one by one, with a betting round between each of them, until every hand is revealed.  Poker.com and checknraisepoker.com are two of the websites offering the variations in online community poker games.


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