Draw Poker


Draw poker is the preliminary form of poker and is the foundation of the game.  Draw poker is the fountain source for all the other variations of poker.  It is also the ideal starting point for all new comers who are just getting introduced to poker. Before any novice to the game of poker can fully understand the mechanics of the game, it is crucial for them to have an in-depth knowledge of draw poker.  Most of today’s successful poker professionals all started from scratch with draw poker and hence, it is advisable that new players start-off in the same way.  The fundamental basis of draw poker is that each player constructs a hand from five cards.  Once the first round of betting has passed, it is then possible for the player to do away with some of the five cards in order to receive some new ones.


It should also be mentioned that in draw poker, players should not reveal their cards until the ultimate showdown.  However, this should only be done if it is completely necessary.  It is also important to note that during the game, all cards are dealt and done away with face down.  Moreover, there are a couple of crucial things, which a new player to the game of draw poker should be aware about.  Firstly, in order to have any sort of success in the game, it is vital to know when you should bet and in what way you should bet.  Your timing and manner of betting should be perfect.  Secondly, newcomers to the game of poker should have a good understanding of the 5-card hand and the ranking of each card.  In the game of poker, there are no wild cards.  All suits possess the same ranking.


The first thing that is done in a poker game is determining the Dealer.  Once the dealer has been determined, the next step is for the dealer to distribute the cards round the table, starting from the right. Therefore, if a person on the table has just been dealt a card, the next person to be dealt is the person on their left.  As soon as the dealing aspect of the game has been done, the dealer shuffles the cards and subsequently, it would time for each player to pay the ante.  The ante is a small sum that each player pays in order to have playing access to that particular round of play.  After the ante has been paid by all players wishing to participate in the game, each player now assesses their cards in order to determine if they will pass, bet or fold.  Each time, the player immediately to the left has the opportunity to place a bet.  In an instance where all players before have passed, then the succeeding player can pass as well or place a bet.  However, if other players have bet and they wish to stay in the game, they must match any bet that has already been placed or they can raise by placing a higher bet of their own choice.


After the dealer has placed a bet, all the other players will now have to call their bets or fold.  The remaining players will now have the chance to discard their cards and obtain replacements.  This process continues until the last two players are left in the game.  In this showdown, the players display the cards and whoever has the best cards wins the entire pot.  There are many websites on the net where you can play virtual poker and play for real cash.  All you need to do is do a quick run on a search engine. 


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