Tips To Remain a Responsible Gambler


When it comes to gambling, one must always be careful to stay in control and act responsibly. If one is irresponsible, then there are dire consequences that may result. Most people understand and realize this, but do they put this into practice? Sometimes yes they do and sometimes they don’t. Even if one acts responsible most of the time, that brief period of irresponsibility can be catastrophic.


So why do people act irresponsibly? Are they weak in mind and spirit? No, many times it has nothing to do with weakness. Instead, the problems may be a direct result of simply being unaware of what is considered responsible gambling vs. what is considered irresponsible gambling. There are simply certain responsible actions one must take when gambling or else gambling will depart from being a fun and possibly financially rewarding venture and into something that can be devastating to one’s life.


In today’s world, gambling can literally be undertaken in one’s home thanks to the proliferation of online, Internet wagering. What people must realize that regardless of whether or not the wagering is done in a casino or inside one’s own home, and then one must always act responsibly! In fact, if there ever was a number one rule to act responsibly, it would be that one should ALWAYS act responsibly and never falter from proper conduct and responsibility ever!


Whether one is gambling online or not, there will always be tip-offs as to when irresponsible behavior is starting to replace proper conduct.  Here is a brief overview of some of the more common tips and signs of responsible behavior vs. irresponsible behavior.


Tip #1: Set a loss limit. That is, set a dollar amount that is an acceptable and safe dollar amount one can live with losing. Make sure that that dollar amount is realistic and stick with it. One should set a dollar amount per daily gambling session, per weekly gambling session, monthly gambling session, et al. By setting a dollar figure in advance, one can keep loses from mounting beyond what is controllable.


Tip #2: Do not borrow money to continue playing. This, of course, ties in with a violation of tip number one. If one has gone through all available liquid cash – or worse – “maxed out” a credit card one was using to play online, do not take on additional line of credit or sources of borrowed money. This will only result in the very dangerous situation of debt spiraling out of control.

Tip #3: Let someone else know that you have been gambling and ask them to keep tabs on you. While this may seem like asking for a babysitter, it is really just asking someone to offer to lend a helping hand. By involving someone else in keeping tabs on your gambling habits, you are enabling that person with the ability to let you know when you have taken risks. If gambling online in the home, one could inform a spouse, child, relative, etc.


Tip #4: Never justify violating proper conduct. In other words, never deviate by established parameters of responsible behavior by making excuses such as “Just this one time” or “I am being too cautious.” When one establishes realistic expectations of responsible behavior, any deviation from such behavior can only be defined as irresponsible. So, in that regard, there is no justification for deviating from proper conduct or behavior.


Tip #4: Recognize when you have a problem. This is probably the most difficult piece of advice to take because very few people are willing to accept that they have a problem. However, if one does not acknowledge that a problem is occurring, then the problem will continue to grow until it is beyond the reach of being able to correct. Above all else, never let situations like that occur!


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